Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about music lessons provided by Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy. If you don't see your question listed, please feel free to contact us via our online contact form. 

If I can’t make my lesson, why do I still have to pay? 

Tuition for lessons/classes is different from an hourly fee for services rendered (like baby-sitting). Music lesson tuition is similar that of other industries providing classes such as dance, tumbling, martial arts, exercise classes, school tuition, etc. 

Tuition is paid up front at the start of each term. It is understood in lesson-based businesses that if a student has to cancel for any reason (doctors’ appointments, illness, holidays, parties etc.) there will be no refund of fees as the classes are scheduled and instructors are reserved based on enrollment. 

Instructors earn their living, or supplement their income, by teaching. If they count on the income from the lessons that are scheduled, and one or more students cancel, their income is reduced, creating a hardship. Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy greatly appreciates your understanding that their time is valuable. 

Instructors spend many waking-hours in concern for their students, both in their learning challenges and achievements. Instructors consistently mull over problems and possible solutions, research pieces to fit students, prepare special lessons and so on. Cancellations and no-shows that aren’t paid for mean that the instructor is left committed to teach in a lesson time slot for a student who isn't going to show up. 

Cancellations are generally given with short notice and, in turn, make it difficult to book another lesson in the time slot. Many students are not willing to book a lesson in a different time slot each week, so a single canceled lesson slot can be very difficult to fill. 

When it comes to cancellations, why don’t the same rules apply to the instructor? 

Our instructors agree that continuity in lessons is very important to student learning and they attempt to keep cancellations to a minimum. Our instructors are required to provide ample notice so that the student can be advised of any cancellations. Lessons canceled by an Instructor are credited so that a student is not penalized. 

Instructors can become ill, take a vacation, take leave for a performance, touring, etc. If a student reserves an instructor’s time, but cancels the lesson with no policy to pay for missed lessons, the instructor would be left without compensation. But, if an Instructor cancels, the student is credited for the lesson without any monetary loss. 

Why do single lessons cost more? 

Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy does charge a slightly higher per lesson fee for single lessons to cover the additional time it takes to arrange for lessons one at a time. If a student is signed up for our Auto-Bill Program with ongoing weekly lessons, administrative tasks are greatly reduced. 

Single lessons are discouraged as success in learning depends on a weekly time with an instructor. Nevertheless, Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy is happy to book single lessons for those not able to commit to weekly lessons. We understand that demanding schedules may prevent availability for lessons the same time each week.

Why am I charged a fee if I don’t sign up for the Auto-Bill program? 

When a student is signed up for our Auto-Bill Program with ongoing weekly lessons, the administrative process is greatly reduced. 

Automatic billing also benefits the student negating a special trip to The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy to make a payment. Auto-Bill also ensures that weekly lessons are scheduled long-term leaving no chance for lessons to lapse and the potential for the student to lose their preferred time slot. 

Why do I have to have an email address? 

The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy relies heavily on email communication to convey and document business with students. Phone and in-person communication is also utilized; however, email correspondence is used as record of conversation, bookkeeping documentation and scheduling and reference purposes. 

If students do not have an email account and/or will not agree to use email as a primary source for The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy music education programs, The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy cannot be held responsible for miscommunications. No credits or reschedules will be given to students who dispute information left on voice mails, verbally discussed over the phone or in person, without email backup. 

Why must lessons be paid in full ahead of time? 

The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy is not able to ensure an instructor compensation for lessons taught or scheduled until payment has been received. 

What if I will be gone for long period of time? 

Notifications to suspend lessons can be made 2-weeks before the billing cycle on the first of each month. Suspended lessons will not be guaranteed the same time slot when the student returns. 

How can I be assured that my credit card information is secure? 

The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy utilizes AIMsi software by Tri-Technical Systems for our lessons scheduling and payment software. Tri-Technical Systems is committed to protecting our customers' financial information (credit card number, expiration date, billing address, etc.). Their secure server uses advanced encryption and firewall technology to keep your personal information private. Their secure server layer (SSL) software completely encrypts the information we input so that it cannot be read. They have extremely strong security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of your information while it is in our control. In addition, AIMsi provides in-house security options so that we are able to block other employees from seeing certain menu options and student data. 

Why am I charged a fee if I need to cancel/reschedule my lesson? 

Canceling/rescheduling lessons requires staff time and attention. Cancel/reschedule fees are charged to cover the expense of staff time necessary to complete all administrative tasks associated with canceling/rescheduling a lesson. 

What if the student becomes sick the day of the lesson? 

If a student becomes ill or injured the day of the lesson, The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy requests that we be contacted right away so that we may let the Instructor know and release the studio from reservation. (Please see contact information above for cancellations during and after office hours.) Student notification as early as possible provides the education staff the necessary time to contact the instructor and let them know the change of schedule. In addition, the education staff can make the reserved studio available for other potential students or activities. 

Students are provided with 1 sick day per quarter to allow for unforeseen illness or injuries. Please see above for more information. 

Why do I need to notify The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy if I’m not going to show for a lesson if I forfeit the lesson fee anyway? 

Student notification provides us with the ability to release the teacher from the time-slot so that they can make other plans. In addition, the staff can reopen the studio. 

What if I forget my lesson? 

If a student does not arrive for a lesson and has not contacted us with notification that they will miss the lesson, the lesson fee will be forfeited. 

Why are there no refunds for lessons? 

The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy does not provide refunds for lessons scheduled for the following reasons: 

  • The Instructors have planned their time and finances accordingly. 
  • Fees for credit card processing (when lessons are paid for by credit card) and labor fees are incurred by employees for lessons administration. 
  • Reserved studio/teaching times that become available due to canceled lessons may not be able to be re-booked in order to recover income. 

Can I receive store credit for unused lessons? 

The education department operates separately from the retail store; therefore we are not able to provide store credit on unused lessons. 

How should I communicate with my instructor? 

We encourage open communication between student (and parent/guardian) and Instructors! 

Parents should plan to check in with the Instructor at the lesson start/finish to discuss student progress, assignments, etc. 

It is up to the sole discretion of each Instructor to provide students with personal contact information for communication between lessons. 

Communication about lessons administration, billing and scheduling must be handled by The Arizona Music Pro staff. 

How should I communicate with The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy Staff? 

The educational staff may be contacted by phone at 928-556-9054 or email at

A dedicated staff member is available Monday thru Saturday or, you may leave a message in the general voice and you should receive a reply or follow-up the next business day.

Can a family member and I both take lessons at the same time? 

It will be up to the Instructor to approve lessons at the same time and how they would like to be compensated. 

On occasion, we are able to find two different instructors with the same availability. However, if one instructor takes a vacation or becomes ill, we are unable to reschedule lessons with the other instructor. In turn, if one student is unable to attend a lesson, it would not affect the other instructor. 

We may also be able to find an hour long block of time with an Instructor for back-to-back lessons. 

Does The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy offer bi-weekly lessons? 

The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy is not able to offer bi-weekly lessons during our peak times which are from 3:00 to 6:00pm Monday through Friday. Bi-weekly lessons are offered outside of these times and will be considered and billed as single lessons. 

Do I need my own instrument or does Arizona Music Pro rent instruments? 

The Arizona Music Pro does rent a wide variety instruments on a monthly basis. Most instrument rentals start at $20/month. Please check with any of the Arizona Music Pro customer service representatives for prices and availability. It is suggested that students possess their own instrument or rent one if available so that they can practice at home. The Lessons Academy provides digital pianos, drum sets and guitar/bass amps, but all other instruments should be brought to the lesson.

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