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Arizona Music Pro has a long heritage of supporting musical education.  As public schools continue to cut art and music programs due to budget cuts, it has never been more important to enroll in Arizona Music Pro's Lessons Academy program.


Why LEarning Music Matters

  • Music improves memory
  • Music helps develop language and reasoning skills
  • Coordination is drastically increased
  • Music students have higher standards in their work
  • Music improves self-discipline
  • Teamwork is improved
  • Creative thinking is developed

Studies show that those who take the time to learn music are better developed and have higher self-esteem. Every tool one can add to their quiver towards success is a step in the right direction. Enroll in Arizona Music Pro's Lessons Academy today!


Our Instructors Invest in Your FUTURE

At Arizona Music Pro we take immense pride in our instructors. We believe that we've been able to select and compile the absolute best, most experienced instructors Northern Arizona has to offer.

Our instructors have decades of combined experience teaching all ages from youth to adults. They know exactly how to make the best out of your time and investment by finding out how you or your student learns best and applies that directly to your lessons.


For Additional Information

For additional information stop in, call (928)556-9054 or email lesson coordinator Dean Neasham at [email protected]

You can also request a lesson by submitting our online lessons request form

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Deciding to Take Music Lessons Can Be a Life Changing Decision.

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