Lessons Academy Policies & Procedures


Private Instruction: Our instructors provide education across the musical spectrum. Individual lessons available include, but are not limited to voice, piano, guitar, bass, drums, violin, cello, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, sax, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone as well as theory, arranging, composition, technique and performance for students of all ages, styles and levels. 


Monthly Tuition on Automatic Billing or Pre-Paid

For students on Automatic Billing (Auto-Bill) or Pre-paid, private lessons are purchased in advance of the month for weekly lessons as follows: 

  • $25.00 for 30 minute lessons 
  • $38.00 for 45-minute lessons 
  • $45.00 for 60-minute lessons 

Please note: Tuition is paid to reserve a guaranteed space and an instructor for a specific time each week. Each month’s tuition must be paid regardless of the attendance of the student. Monthly lessons are charged on the 1st of each month. 

Single Lesson Tuition 

Offers students the option to pay for one lesson at a time and can be purchased as follows: 

  • $30.00 for a 30 minute lesson 
  • $43.00 for a 45 minute lesson 
  • $50.00 for a 60 minute lesson 

Please note: Single lessons must be paid in full no later than 48 hours prior to the lesson to guarantee the studio/instructor. Single lessons cannot be assured days, times or studios. There are no reschedules for single lessons. 

First Timer/Trial Lessons 

New students are encouraged to begin with a trial lesson to ensure that student and instructor are ideally paired. These evaluation lessons are priced at the single lesson rate. 


Our ‘Auto-Bill’ Program offers students the option to reserve an instructor and weekly time slot on a long-term basis. The Auto-Bill program reduces the amount of administration costs incurred for continuous scheduling and account management. It also provides care-free payments for the student. Auto-Bill requires that a credit card is kept securely on file and is charged on or around the 1st of each month. 


Students signed up for the Auto-Bill Program may cancel one lesson in a monthly billing cycle. Students that provide cancellation notice at least 24 hours before the lesson will receive credit for the missed lesson. Credits will be applied to the following month’s tuition. 

Tuition is paid to reserve a guaranteed space and instructor for a specific time each week.

For schedule cancellations, please email [email protected] or call us at 928-556-9054.


Students signed up for the Auto-Bill Program are provided 2 sick day each quarter. If a student becomes ill or injured and cannot provide a 24 hour cancellation notice, a sick day may be used and a student will receive credit for the lesson. Sick days are credited to the next billing cycle and may not be carried over to the following quarter.

Quarter terms are as follows: 

  1. September – November 
  2. December – February 
  3. March – May 
  4. June - August 

Sick days are only provided for students on the Auto-Bill or Pre-Paid Program. 


A student may not utilize a sick day if notification is not provided. If the lesson is missed the student will forfeit the tuition for the missed lesson. 


There are two options for after-hours cancellations: 

  1. Preferred Method is Email – [email protected]
  2. Voice Mail Messaging - When calling after-hours (928-556-9054), please leave a voice mail on The Arizona Music Pro general voice mailbox. 

Please include the following information: 

  • Student first and last name 
  • Parent/guardian first and last name (if applicable) 
  • The instructor’s name 
  • The date and time of lesson to be missed. 
  • Contact information (if different than student records on file) 


A 2-week email/written notification is required to discontinue or suspend lessons. Refunds cannot be given for unused lessons. 


Our teaching staff are professional working musicians who may sometimes travel for performances, tours or workshops. In addition, instructors may also elect to take a vacation or may become ill or injured. If your instructor is unable to teach a lesson, we will contact you to reschedule the lesson or find a substitute teacher. 


Our studios are often booked back-to-back during peak times and students arriving late for lessons may not be able to stay late to make up the missed time. 

Unless a student has contacted the store to let the instructor know they are in route, instructors are not required to wait 15 minutes past the scheduled starting time of a lesson and may leave. 

If you do have to miss a lesson, please let us know as soon as possible. Although it is perfectly fine to inform your teacher of absences, it is the student responsibility to inform the education staff so that they may make adjustments in the scheduling and billing records. 

Please remember that our instructors earn their livelihoods by maintaining a consistent roster of students. While they are often quite accommodating, their time is valuable. Your consideration of our scheduling requirements is most appreciated. 

Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy Hours

The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy & retail store hours are as follows: 

  • Monday thru Thursday: 10:00am – 7:00pm 
  • Friday & Saturday: 10:00pm – 6:00pm 

Lessons ar available during regular hours every day of the week. 

If your teacher is not available to personally take your call or visit, please email [email protected] or you may speak with any retail store staff member who will convey your message to the education staff. 

Please note: Instructors’ availabilities will vary. 


Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy is closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Easter, and New Year’s Day. We may also close early on Christmas Eve, Independence Day and New Year’s Eve. Any lessons falling on these holidays may automatically be rescheduled to the following week and students will not be charged. 

The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy education program runs on Flagstaff Public Schools snow day schedule. You may tune into local radio or television programming or check the FUSD website to verify closings due to inclement weather. 


Restrooms are located in the employee breakroom toward the back of the store. Students are prohibited from walking through the repair department to get there. Please ask for assistance if unfamiliar with the location.


Occasionally we post photos of lessons and videos of student performances on our website, Facebook page, YouTube channel and on marketing collateral. Please contact us if you DO NOT wish to have a student’s image posted or printed. 


Confirmation schedules and receipts for each billing cycle or single lesson will be provided by your teacher. In the event a teacher cancels a lesson, the student will be notified immediately via the contact information provided. 

All students must have a valid email address and phone number. Arizona Music Pro cannot be held accountable for email or phone messages not retrieved by the student. 


Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy relies heavily on email communication to convey and document business with students. Phone and in-person communications are also utilized. Email correspondence will be used as record of conversation and for bookkeeping purposes. If students do not have an email account and/or will not agree to use email as a primary source for The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy music education programs, The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy cannot be held responsible for miscommunications. No credits or reschedules will be given to students who dispute information left on voice mails, verbally discussed over the phone or in person without email backup. 


To avoid confusion with billing and availability, we ask that all communication regarding scheduling be made through The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy Department and not between student and instructor. 

Please contact anyone on the education team with any requests or changes at [email protected] or by phone at (928)-556-9054. 


Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy will host free Student Showcases for anyone enrolled in lessons at The Arizona Music Pro. The showcases offer an opportunity for the students to prepare and perform music in front of a live audience. Oftentimes with their instructor! This is an important step in the student’s musical journey and enhances their individual learning experiences. Performances are recorded and will be posted on The Arizona Music Pro YouTube channel unless otherwise notified.


Student will: 

  • Arrive at lessons on time.
  • Practice! 
  • Share talents with family and friends. 
  • Practice! 
  • Enjoy making music. Keep a positive attitude and work hard. Have fun with the lessons! 
  • Practice! 
  • Work on the material assigned by the instructor. 
  • Bring to each class any materials/instruments/gear that the instructor has requested. 

Practice Tip 

Consider using your cell phone, tablet, iPad or other recording device to record your Instructor modeling what you are to work on/practice. What is shown in the lesson is often quickly forgotten and playing back the video does wonders for practice time. (Please do refrain from posting videos of your instructors to the internet.) 


  • Instructor will arrive to the lesson on time. 
  • Instructor will be prepared for each lesson making sure to have all photocopies ready and a lesson plan prepared for every lesson. 
  • Instructor will never create a general “mold” that all students must follow. They will devote time outside of the lesson to create a truly unique lesson experience that balances what the student wants to learn and what they believe that the student needs to learn. 
  • Instructor will give The Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy ample notice to cancel or reschedule a lesson with a student. Cancellations will be kept to a minimum. 
  • Instructors will be sensitive to maximizing teaching time and minimizing superfluous conversation. 

Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy COMMITMENT TO STUDENT & INSTRUCTOR 

  • Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy will provide clean and comfortable studio spaces for students and instructors. 
  • Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy will provide chairs, music stands, metronomes, drum sets with cymbals, practice pads, pianos, amplifiers and CD players with auxiliary inputs for media players for all lessons as applicable. 
  • Arizona Music Pro Lessons Academy will host free Student Showcases. 


  • A parent’s attitude and involvement is vital to their children's success in music. It is important that your child be encouraged to set aside a regular time to practice without interruption, and that they attend their lessons on a regular basis. Good habits encourage success, and well-placed praise helps children flourish. 
  • Music needn't be a mystery. Basic musical concepts can be difficult for a child at first, but fairly easy for an adult to comprehend. Taking the time to understand what your child is learning can provide invaluable support to their education. Ask what your child is working on - our instructors welcome your involvement. 
  • We encourage you to nurture your child’s interest in music by attending quality musical events with your family and listening to recordings at home. Encourage your child to perform often and to make music with others. 
  • Music can teach children valuable lessons in perseverance, steady progress, self-discipline and time management. If your child encounters difficulties in learning or practicing, please discuss it with your instructor. Parent-Instructor communication is very important. Remember our instructors are here to help! 

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